• Larika Mallier

    Larika Mallier

    (she/her) A mindful designer and tech optimist who has hope for a future with mindful tech. I often re-think things & like jokes. more at 🌴 linktr.ee/larika

  • Purva Takkar

    Purva Takkar

  • Josh Silverman

    Josh Silverman

    Designer, entrepreneur, educator, advisor, optimist.

  • Afjohnson


  • Drew Van Diest

    Drew Van Diest

    Like an aftershock, reverberates. Artist with a fervor for color, light, the ethereal nature of queer connection & bipolar mood. Interaction Designer. Writer.

  • Sanuree Gomes

    Sanuree Gomes

    Trying to write to comprehend better, trying to comprehend how to write better.

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